University of Alberta’s ABR-Studio proudly sponsors 2011 ARTS Graduate Award


The award is offered for a completed scholarly project, thesis, or dissertation in the area of arts research and teaching. The work must have been accepted within two years prior to the year of the conference. Graduates of Canadian universities or Canadians who have studied abroad are eligible for the award.

The ARTS Graduate Research Award for 2011 has been secured through the generosity of the Arts-based Research Studio, at the University of Alberta.

The recipient of the award will receive a $500 award to support travel costs to the 2011 ARTS/SCEA Annual General Meeting to accept the award and to present a session based on the research. An announcement of the Award Winner will appear in the CACS Newsletter. (The winner must be a member of CSSE, CACS, and ARTS)

DEADLINE – March 15, 2011

For details see

Please send applications to:

Pauline Sameshima

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