“Encountering Pedagogy” Video

Watch Rita Irwin & Dònal O’Donoghue’s engaging talk “Encountering Pedagogy”. The video can be viewed here:


The video is password protected for copyright reasons so please email Jaime Beck (jbeck@ualberta.ca) for the password and feel free to share it amongst your colleagues. The password is the same for Part I & Part II. The video will only be available for viewing until April 23rd.
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1 Response to “Encountering Pedagogy” Video

  1. Diane Conrad says:

    This video was only available for viewing for a limited period of time which has now passed. If you are interested in viewing the video, you might try asking for special permission from the presenters Rita Irwin rita.irwin@ubc.ca and Donal O’Donoghue donal.odonoghue@ubc.ca. Also contact the ABR Studio administrators Jaime Beck jbeck@ualberta.ca or Diane Conrad diane.conrad@ualberta.ca.

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