The Arts-Based Research Studio, at the University of Alberta, is an initiative started by Dr. Diane Conrad. It is a place where researchers from diverse faculties come and part-take in conversation, presentation and performance on a breadth of topics. The principle points around which we gather, talk and invite presentations, is, though not exclusively,  art, aesthetics, and civic consciousness.

We are not professional art critiques. We are an informal group of researchers who
generally hold to a sense that various forms of artistic expression can and does compel one’s attention in a way that tacitly suggests art, as a particular way of knowing things, engages  our fuller consciousness.

And as researchers in the human sciences we feel it is a worth while challenge investigating this form of knowledge creation and its relationship to research methodologies.

Our purpose behind developing an informal user friendly atmosphere, where those of us who use art forms in our research, and who also present on these forms at academic conferences, is so others who’ve only a burgeoning interest in qualitative methodologies may join in and catch a glimpse of the various ways the arts have and do continue to inform ways of knowing.

The Arts-based Research Studio has a list serve as well for purposes of disseminating information related to on-going presentations at the ABR-Studio, new publications of interest to Arts-based/Qualitative researchers, and other such things relating to general communications amongst our network of researchers, nationally and internationally. Click here to join the listserve.


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