Audio/Visual Media

On this page you will find exemplars of arts-based research going public. It is our hope that in time there will be a good number of documents covering a wide range of subjects, that will provide visitors greater insight into the work of Arts-based Research; and most especially ways the works are and can be disseminated.

Opening The Trunk 
Daria Loi, presented at the ABR-studio back in April 2010. In this segment, Daria talks about how her dissertation came to be in the shape of a travel trunk. As well she speaks of the purpose of metaphor. See this video

Dr. Pirkko Markula, a professor of socio-cultural studies of physical activity, is also a contemporary dancer. She has been experimenting with dance performance ethnography as a way of representing her research on women’s active bodies.

An introduction to Professor Markula’s performance can be viewed here

Professor Markula’s performance can be viewed here

Feedback on Professor Markula’s performance can be viewed here

Bill Ayers – Art Urges Voyages: Democracy, Social Justice, and the Arts

Segment 1: ” You ought to become a teacher” Professor William Ayers spoke to an audience at the Arts-based research studio, University of Alberta, via skype, on Friday November 26th, 2010.”

Segment 2 (26:26): We need to develop not only a vocabulary but a practice of responding to the insanity that passes for conversation about school reform.” Bill Ayers

Final Segment 3 (24:09): “I recommend when we are teaching teachers that we use a lot more memoir and a lot less methods books because memoir is a way that we see a single individual struggling against the hard reality that they are placed down in and making choices.” Bill Ayers

Two vimeo pieces by Leslie Robinson

Leslie’s created two videos on her research in Uganda

Co-creating with Ugandan Uths: Workin’ Artivist Manifesto (people’s version)

Co-creating with Ugandan Youth Artivists (academic version)

Graduate Students Arts Exhibition OISE/UT

Eleven Geo-logical Lessons in Love and Landscapes  [Michael J. Coulis/Group Exhibition April 7-14, 2007]


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